Why Spa Virtue?

Owned and operated since 2005, Spa Virtue began in a one thousand square foot facility offering only body wraps. Almost 15 years later, we have evolved into a spa that offers the most innovative body and beauty treatments available including massage, skin care, body sculpting, pain management, and stress management. We pride ourselves on the [...]

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How We Honor and Help Military Personnel

The Body Wrap Shoppe at Spa Virtue has been helping members of the military pass tape tests since our opening in 2005. With an array of body sculpting methods, our team has developed programs to help guests achieve their desired results in a safe, healthy, and effective way. Our most common treatment utilized by military [...]

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Chiropractic and Massage Therapy – Do They Work Together?

Although they are two separate disciplines, both requiring a lot of training, there are many similarities between chiropractic and massage. They work really well when you use them in combination. If you’re feeling pain or discomfort, you could have an underlying problem with your spinal alignment, or tension in your muscles that’s impacting your nerve [...]

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Self-Care – Why Your Own Well-being is So Important

You’ve probably heard about self-care before, the idea of looking after yourself isn’t exactly a new one. Making it a priority to take care of your own needs, physical, emotional and spiritual has become more a popular concept in recent years, but although we all like the idea of taking time out for ourselves, the [...]

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